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location: HelpOnSlideShows


Since MoinMoin release 1.9, we have two ways to create slide shows. You can either have your slideshow defined on a single wiki page with level 1 headings separating your slides, or you can have multiple (likely numbered) pages with 1 slide per page.

Single page slide show: defining it

Just create a wiki page and use level 1 headings to define/separate your slides.

At the very top of the page, you can optionally use #pragma date ... and #pragma author to set the date and author it will show in the slide's footer later.

Maybe you also want to put a link to the SlideShow action there (see example below).

Single page slide show: showing it

/!\ The SlideShow action is only supported for the modernized theme.

To start the slide show, select SlideShow from the "More Actions" menu or click on the action link if you have defined one.

Moving through your content / slides works by different means:

/!\ When preparing a presentation, better do that with the same screen resolution and browser / browser settings as you will use later for the presentation. For some browsers, you can use the browser's builtin zooming feature to adjust the size of the content rendering to your needs. Currently, better try to fit all content onto the slide without needing vertical scrolling (it might look a bit ugly if you put too much on a slide).

Single page slide show: example markup

#pragma date Sept. 04 2009
#pragma author Your Name

General introduction or comments (not shown after the slide show is started)


= Slide 1 title =
Slide 1 contents

= Slide 2 title =
Slide 2 contents


Multiple page slide show

Another way to define slideshows is to use multiple wiki pages (one per slide) and the <<Navigation>> macro.

For a new presentation, start on a new page - we use HelpOnSlideShows (this page) as an example.

For your convenience, there is a SlideShowTemplate - use it!

Put <<Navigation(slideshow)>> on top of that page (looks like you see above) - that creates a link to toggle between slide show and wiki mode, and a link to start the slide show.

Refer to your slides with numbered sub-page links putting some code like that on your top page:

 * [[/000 Introduction]]
 * [[/100 Creating the slides]]
 * ...
 * [[/900 Last but not least: Running your presentation.]]
 * ../SlideShowHandOutTemplate

(!) Leave some numbers free in between - just for that case you need to insert additional slides later.

(!) Don't use too long page titles - you will see that they look bad (at least in wiki mode due to wrapping of the wiki page title).

This will look like that:

You may want to put <<Navigation(children)>> at bottom of the page - that lists the pages' child pages and looks like you see below: