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Making Asus G752VM into lesser shit of a notebook


Out of the box mic, headphone and line jacks don't work. You need to remap them with hda-jack-retask or just use following configuration:

# cat > /lib/firmware/hda-jack-retask.fw
0x10ec0668 0x104313f0 0

0x12 0x90a60150
0x14 0x90170110
0x15 0x04011020
0x16 0x04211010
0x18 0x04a11060
0x19 0x411111f0
0x1a 0x90170130
0x1b 0x411111f0
0x1d 0x40c6852d
0x1e 0x90460140
0x1f 0x411111f0

Regenerate your initrd, reboot, enjoy.


Even in Linux 4.11 hid-multitouch apparently can't understand multitouch events from this touchpad and doesn't want to use pointer and button events. Luckily it does have a device class that works with our bastard of a touchpad, you just need to force it to use this class:

# cd /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch
# ls
0018:04F3:3043.0007 bind module new_id uevent unbind
# echo "0018:04F3:3043.0007" > unbind
# echo 0018 04F3 3043 0013 > new_id 

Of course this won't persist across reboots so you will need to wrap this in some udev shit or just slap into the end of your rc.local.

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